About HFi

  • HFi aims to become the best store of value token in DeFi: Multi rewards for HFi tokens holders
  • HFi has a very high scarcity: Release of the total supply over 10 years
  • Very low supply: A fixed 1,000 HFi tokens total supply
  • Main product built on top of the HFi ecosystem: HolderSwap (HFS), a Decentralized & innovative plugin platform to trade on Uniswap GAS FREE

HFi Tokenomics

Total supply: 1,000 HFi

Private Sale

HFi early adopters have multiple rewards participating to the HFi's private sale:

  • Getting bonuses in the HFi Genesis Mining campaign.
  • Getting a 24h (48h for HFi Holders) premium access to any new created Liquidity Pool in HolderSwap.
  • Being invited to join a premium group on Telegram.
  • Benefiting from the best rate in the HFS's LGE coming live in January
  • Earning monthly rewards in HFS tokens directly in their wallet just by holding HFi tokens.

HFi private sales permitted to Holder Finance to raise 480,000 USDC which are going to by used for all developments, operations and marketing to build the Holder Finance ecosystem. Holder Finance will conduct IDOs with our partners BSCpad for HFi and Wault Finance for HFS All the funds raised through IDOs will be used to created initial LPs on PancakeSwap. The LP tokens for HFS will be burnt which means that this LP will be locked forever. The initial LP of HFi will be locked 2 months to permit Holder Finance to migrate the pool once HolderSwap is fully operational and will then lock the LP again.

HFS - HolderSwap

HFi builds a decentralized & innovative plugin platform to trade on Uniswap GAS FREE and with more features:

  • A decentralized OTC Desk
  • HolderLimit protocol
  • Dynamic trading fee adjustment
  • Liquidity providing cap

The utility token of the platform called “HFS” rewards all HFi holders as well as traders. HFS will be listed on PancakeSwap in May.

Our Investors



CTDSEC is a third-party cyber-security company with more than 3 years’ experience in the crypto industry. CTDSEC will provide security checks as well as a full security audit of both HFi / HFS (DEX) in order to guarantee perfect transparency and trust for our users. CTDSEC cooperates with HFi to provide audits and coding support to any project that wants to be listed in HolderSwap. This provides perfect security for our users and avoids any scam projects or fake tokens from being listed on our DEX.


DEXTools is a complete trading platform focused on DEX Exchanges like Uniswap. With DEXTools users can see real time market data, develop better trading strategies, follow whales, and see bots and teams selling and much more. DEXTools equips traders with reliable and up-to-date information on transactions and liquidity pools, and provides valuable tools to analyze this information flexibly and in detail.


Civitas Protocol is a community-driven project governed by CVT, an ERC20 token, that when transacted applies a 2% absorption to each transaction. The 2% absorption per-transaction mechanism provides a reduction to the amount of CVT tokens in the circulating supply over time, thus increasing the price of each token in the liquidity pool.


World is a global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction supporting frictionless yield. It aims to improve the user experience in having crypto as a currency for goods/services by lowering the learning curve to begin transacting.


RFI is Smart Money — the world’s first inherently yield generating digital asset. By automatically distributing to holders a small fee charged on each transaction, RFI naturally stimulates the economy whilst directly benefiting every investor. This simple “fee share” mechanism creates staggering potential for complex financial engineering and is the most copied concept in blockchain since its inception.


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